Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kimochi Sisters

My daughters, Reilly (age 7) and Georgia (age 4) have had Kimochis from the get-go. Being on the Kimochi team has its advantages! A little background on us: Reilly is my gentle, cautious BUG. Georgia is my rough & tumble, friendly, exuberant HUGGTOPUS. Sometimes, they seriously clash. Here's what happened last week:
Reilly was calmly drawing at the coffee table. Georgia was running around playing. I was in the kitchen trying to make dinner (while secretly eating mini york peppermint patties). Screams erupted from the living room. Reilly's crying. Georgia's crying. Mom just wants to eat another mint patty. Instead I get Cloud and the basket of feelings from Reilly's room. I go and sit down between them. Reilly grabs Cloud and turns his head from happy to sad. Georgia frowns. "What's going on" I say. "She hit me!" "She yelled at me!" "She..." "She..." "She..." It was the same old fight-then-blame-your-sister routine. I put the basket of feelings between them and they calmed down. "Pick a feeling and tell me why you picked it." Reilly picked FRUSTRATED. "Georgia's bugging me. I just want to finish my drawing and she keeps bugging me and then she hit me." Georgia picked SAD "Reilly yelled at me and I just want to play with her." Classic. "Georgia are you bugging Reilly so she'll play with you?" I say. She nods. "Georgia tell Reilly why you are sad," I say. "Reilly, I just wanted to play with you and then you yelled at me and I hit you," admitted Georgia through tears. Reilly responds "Georgia, I want to finish my drawing. When you hit me I don't want to play with you. Can I finish my drawing and then we'll play?" says Reilly. "Ok...sorry I hit you," says Georgia. "Thanks," says Reilly.
AND THEN...Reilly turns Clouds face from sad to happy!!!! YEAY!!! A Kimochi moment. Then I go back to the kitchen...maybe we should have had peppermint patties for dinner. :)

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